Much of the internet is still talking about Omari Hardwick's awkward Beyonce kiss but after the NAACP Awards, 50 Cent decided to get back to his regular trolling schedule. He already took some shots at Hardwick, predicting that his Power character will be killed off by an angry Jay-Z. However, Fif also took aim at his rival Wendy Williams in a since-deleted post.

A few days after posting his initial Wendy diss, Fiddy was back at it and this time, he was a little harsher. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur shared an image of "Wendy Williams" on his feed, speaking from her perspective after Power kept picking up awards. "So POWER won again, I fucking hate 50," said bootleg Wendy. The artist then took another shot at her ongoing struggle with drug addiction, adding, "Where is my blow?"

At the beginning of this year, Fif posted a photo of the talk show host as E.T. and many people laughed about how ferociously savage the man was being. That upload stayed up a little longer but in both situations, 50 believed it would be the smartest idea to wipe the insults from his page. Wendy Williams is currently on a week-long hiatus from her show and she's reportedly thinking about leaving her husband Kevin Hunter, who just had a baby with another woman.