Those wishing to hear 50 Cent's thoughts on the R. Kelly situation have unfortunately been out of luck. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur has been shockingly quiet on social media, keeping a low profile despite all of the meme magic that could have happened in the last few days. Not only did Wendy Williams return to her show but R. Kelly broke down during a television interview. Those are two things that 50 Cent would normally be jumping on for his page. He has admitted that he got sidetracked by all of the business piling up in front of him though, updating his Instagram for the first time in a while today. 

Instead of making a joke about his rival Wendy Williams or reposting a meme about R. Kelly, Fiddy flexed next to one of his exotic cars, telling the people just how busy he's been. "I been so busy I been forgetting to post," wrote the producer before plugging his show The Oath. In his next upload, he hyped up another one of his projects. "Power season 6 on the way," said 50 Cent. "Episode 3 is my directorial debut you gotta see this."

Curtis Jackson has always had a prominent role both on-screen and behind the scenes as a producer on Power. He teased the fact that he would be given some additional duties at the Starz network last year and this may be one of them. We're looking forward to 50's directorial debut on the show. Hopefully, it's one of the better episodes of the season.