The second fall of G-Unit has made for an unexpected narrative in 2019, given that the legendary squad originally peaked in the early millennium. Yet their run was so iconic that their legacy remains strong even today, to the point where public infighting can still stir-up interest and nostalgic curiosities. Recently, 50 Cent  seemingly put the entire Unit on blast, even Lloyd Banks, a man seldom dragged into the petty squabbles. Pointing to their lack of work ethic and organization, 50 claimed that his G-Unit compatriots failed even after being placed in a position to succeed, placing the blame squarely upon their respective shoulders.

Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Though Tony Yayo was not spared from the scolding, the original Unit member is nothing if not loyal, perhaps to a fault. In fact, Tony has consistently remained loyal to 50, even after being on the receiving end of a Fofty threat. Yet the show must go on, and some bonds can hold fast even amidst the tumultuous times. Perhaps there's still hope for the G-Unit boys. After all, Tony Yayo and 50 Cent recently put their differences aside and shared the stage during Oregon's "Whiskey Festival." 

In a clip shared on Yayo's IG, the Unit pals can be seen rocking the stage to "P.I.M.P," with Yayo going so far as to hashtag "#GUnit." Now, it's a far cry from seeing Buck and Fif up there, but perhaps there's hope for them yet. After all, G-Unit has been through animosity many-a-time, and it's likely the connection runs deeper than rap. Do you think the crew will be alright?