Just yesterday 50 Cent teased his upcoming role in the crime thrilling film Den of Thieves. Today, the official trailer has hit the web and just as 50 promised, saying this one is a "must see," he proves to be right.

50, O'Shea Jackson (Ice Cube's son) and Pablo Schreiber play three elite criminals who set out on the first scheme in robbing the Federal Reserve Bank of downtown Los Angeles. Gerald Butler plays an intense cop scouting the city for clues on how to track the trio down, by any means necessary. 

"You know what this means," Gerald's character says in the clip while pointing to a tattoo on his arm, as O'Shea's sits tied up to a chair. "[This] means I am a member of a gang, only we have badges. Which means you are done." The trailer shows a lot of the usual visuals that go with an action-criminal movie - money, ski masks, guns, ladies, fast cars and bulletproof vests. 

Dens of Thieves hits theatres January 19th, 2018. Watch the trailer below.

50 also shared an upcoming series of his that's set to air on BET. 50 Central will be premiering this fall and will feature comedy-sketches and racially-charged commentary. The first clip released from the show sees 50 playing Spiderman, in the movies classic scene where the superhero hangs upside down in the alleyway and his love gives him a kiss. In the 50 Central version, it's 50 who hangs upsidedown where a blonde woman comes to kiss him. After pulling down his mask and seeing that he's black, she says it's not what she was expecting. She backpedals a bit from her initial reaction saying it makes sense why he can jump so high. 50 corrects her saying he can jump high because he got bit by a radioactive spider.

The show airs tonight (October 25th) at 10:30PM.