We've known for years that 50 Cent isn't the right one to mess with. If he won't throw chairs and tables at you, he'll either whoop your ass straight up or he'll roast you to flames on social media. Apparently, that viciousness also applies to his girlfriend, Cuban Link, who can be just as menacing as her man when she wants to be.

Cuban Link, real name Jamira Haines, has been dating 50 Cent for over a year, falling in love quickly with the superstar rapper/television producer. They rarely pop up on each other's socials but, when they do, you know the post is worth it.

This time, Fif shared a gallery of pictures with his sweetheart, showing the world he's got a good one at home, but still convincing us all that he's ready for war if things pop off.

"This how we answer the door for dominos, you know the vibes," wrote Fiddy on Instagram, posting three pictures of himself and Cuban Link in ski masks, looking as though they were about to rob the bodega. Even in a mask, Cuban Link looks beautiful as ever, flaunting her lashes and popping her lips for the camera.

"She’s even pretty with a full face mask," wrote one commenter.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Ice-T recently came forward to say that 50 Cent and Bobby Shmurda were the "last real gangster rappers". This picture should prove as much. Even though his rapping days are mostly behind him, Fif can still be a bad-ass.