When he's not insulting absolutely everybody online, 50 Cent can be found singing his son's praises. He's had his differences with his first-born Marquise Jackson but when it comes to Sire Jackson, Curtis loves to show off his little one to the world. He will regularly post new photos of his son on a weekly basis and this week, he came through early on. Jackson spent some family time with Sire and his child's mother Daphne Joy, showing off some of the most adorable trio pics of their weekend together on social media.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"When you try to take a family photo," captioned Daphne Joy. The first picture of the bunch is an absolute mess. Sire raises his arms and blocks his father's face but all three have huge smiles on their faces. They finally managed to get a good picture, which was uploaded as the final shot in the gallery. Fif and Daphne are still close, co-parenting their son together and managing to remain civil

These days, 50 Cent has been romantically linked to a model who goes by Cuban Link online. He has shared several photos with her on his pages but, as we previously noted, much of his content is dedicated to trolling his enemies. Take a look at some of the images below.