Two of the most notorious money makers of the last 20 years joined forced on Instagram recently for a picture that is worth a thousand words and, as far as the individuals are concerned, more than a billion dollars.

50 Cent, the man who's known more for his television projects than his music career, posed with retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather while the former pro athlete was vising the Big Apple. Standing next to Fif in a studded leather jacket and sporting a scowl on his face, Floyd looks every bit the boss that his nickname would suggest. The rapper kept it casual in an all-black jeans, hoodie and Dallas Cowboys cap ensemble, but the two look like a pair that have earned lifetime memberships to the "Money Team." In his caption to the photo, Fif wrote, "Big Bank, original MONEY TEAM. Gang,Gang, Gang shit ! #familymatters." The irony of the hashtag did not go unnoticed by some Instagram users who invaded the comments section, claiming that 50 did an about-face by appearing in the picture, since Mayweather used to be a target of the rapper's jabs earlier this decade.

During ALS "Ice Bucket" craze that resulted in many a celebrity video shout-out in 2014, 50 Cent was the one who challenged Floyd Mayweather to read one page from a Harry Potter book. If he could do so, the rapper said that he would make a $750,000 donation to a charity organization of Floyd's choosing. That, coupled with the fact that the boxer may or may not have stiffed Fif for $2 million, will show that these two definitely have a history. Is it currently a contentious relationship? Based on the hashtag used in the caption, one would think not, but then 50 has publicly dragged several people that he used to be on decent terms with as well.

When it comes to making the kind of money he's worth, Floyd Mayweather doesn't seem to think it's all that hard. We previously reported that the boxer told TMZ his more than $1 billion in accumulated wealth was "easy" to come by.