As expected, the breakup news regarding the end of Sweetie and Quavo's relationship is the hot topic of the day. Fans are easing into the weekend with the news that the beloved Rap couple has called it quits, and things took a turn when Saweetie suggested that Quavo may have entertained other women during their romance. Quavo clapped back at his ex to which Saweetie simply responded, "Take care."

Saweetie, Quavo, Breakup, 50 Cent, Adrien Broner
Vivien Killilea / Stringer / Getty Images

People near and far are weighing in with their opinions on the subject, including boxing champion Adrien Broner who advised women not to follow in Saweetie's footsteps, lest they want to find themselves alone. "A lot of women about to try to ride this saweetie wave but they don't understand she established so she can leave a N*gga and be ok and find another N*gga of that caliber or better these other females go try that sh*t and be stuck with robin when they already was f*cking Batman IDIOTS."

In the caption, he added, "Don’t f*ck yo relationship up watching some sh*t from the outside nobody know what them two went thru and it’s nobody business just focus on you and your relationship and everything else won’t matter[red heart emoji]#FreeGame." Meanwhile, 50 Cent couldn't help but interject with a few jokes of his own by posting a photo of Quavo with the caption, "B*tch! you went where, and said what to who? oh no you gotta go call you a Uber. LOL."

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