The most notorious troll in hip-hop has been known to dish out some ruthless clowning, but every so often, the tables happen to turn on 50 Cent. Not long after being the recipient of an all-out-assault from arch-rival Irv Gotti (who had the audacity to cite the holy gospel of Ja Rule) over the lackluster 50 Central ratings, the Power star has recently found himself targeted by another angry party. This time, said party is photographer Christopher Pasatieri, who is hitting 50 with a lawsuit over unauthorized use of his photography. 

According to TMZ, Pasatieri noticed that some of his shots had ended up on 50's Instagram page, and had already amassed approximately 42,000 likes apiece. The site managed to obtain some of the documents, including a screenshots of some of the photographs in question. Apparently, Fifty was using the images in order to promote some of his entrepreneurial endeavors, including the aforementioned Power and his SMS headphone line. Apparently, Fifty Cent never bothered licensing the photographs, nor did he ever get in contact with Pasatieri about using them. 

The photograph is moving forward with a lawsuit, suing 50 Cent for undisclosed "damages." There's no telling what sort of monetary recompense Pasatieri is seeking, but it will most probably be settled out of court. Such a string of publicized L's are not commonplace for Curtis Jackson, and it wouldn't be surprising to see him come back twice as petty, and thrice as ruthless. If I were Irv Gotti, I'd gather up Ja Rule and wait for the storm, as 50 has never been one to take shots lying down.

As for the photographs in question, check out the screenshot below, courtesy of TMZ. They were allegedly taken back in June 2014, at a concert in Citi Field, where Fifty performed with his crew, G-Unit. Apparently, the Unit is also being sued by the same photographer, but the report does not provide any details on that development.