Over the past 24 hours, 50 Cent  has been sending loose tweets to his almost 3 million followers, complaining about his grandmother, threatening to fire his manager and attacking gossip and news sites from Necole Bitchie and Gawker to AllHipHop. When the rapper posted a twitpic under the guise 'Yall like my Kim K burger?' -- a non-discrete shout out at the ample-bottomed Kim Kardashian that linked to an offensive (yet hilarious) photo -- the folks over at the social networking site had had enough.

"Twitpic just suspended my account damn," 50 wrote. "They got 30mns to get it back or ima go haywire."

The Twitter rampage began at around 3PM on Thursday, when 50 wrote that his grandmother had been bossing him around all day. "I can't belive [sic] my grand mothers making me take out the garbage, I'm rich f--- this I'm going home I don't need this s---."

As prelude for the barrage to come, 50 warned, "They set me up man, they wasn't suppose to show me how to use this s--- I'm activated no one safe." Boy, was he not kidding. Later on, the rapper would confess, "This s--- aint funny I don't think I can stop doing this s---I feel like a crack head."

Fiddy then launched into a series of tweets, asking for beats -- "Don't send me no f---in wack beats man, dats why my last cd didn't do right lol I should kill every producer on da last cd" -- and threatening his manager -- "Chris lighty fired f--- that I'm startin over, my new cd gone kill I ... said its gone kill motherf---er."

50 continued to attack various gossip sites and media outlets, like Necole Bitchie and Gawker. "Necole bitchie you just hurt my feelings," he lamented. "See dat I tried to be nice throw you a little shot out, dam you owe me a apology ... What's taking you so long say sorry b----."

AllHipHop was next up in the Queens rapper's sites. "Allhiphop.com f---in wit me alright," 50 tweeted. "Motherf---ers calling me twitty cent Ima catch 1 of you motherf---ers F---in computer geeks."

50 then moved on to hip-hop personality Miss Info. "I like fine asian girls let me spank dat a-- lol," he wrote. "I was just checkin out miss info.tv And I don't like how you been talkin about me so I decided not to let u ride ny. I nick named my d--- ny."

While his account has been dormant for several hours and promises no further tweets till Saturday -- when 50 plans to surface from the studio where he is working on the follow-up to 'Before I Self Destruct' -- the rapper left his Twitter audience with this message: "I really don't like when people call me crazy I'm not crazy I'm special and I don't wish bad on anyone. Learn to love me."