There are some tracks you can listen to on repeat, for days on end, and you'll never get tired of hearing it. A track as a whole has many elements that come into play which gives it that timeless feel, including the rapper, the lyrics and the production. The production is what we're focusing on in this list, not necessarily the tracks that we love because the lyrics are deep or the rapper's flow is insane, but records that became our favorites because of the beat.

These were records that rapper on top of rapper freestyled over, beats that started a career, tracks that became known for their production and at times launched a producer's career. Those are the cuts we were looking for when compiling this list, ones that have stood the test of time (i.e., they are likely more than a year old), and are still cycled into our playlists (perhaps even on the daily). 

To each his own though, meaning you probably have your very own list of Beats That Will Never Get Old. Let us know your favorite beats/production in the comment section and feel free to discuss our list!

Presented in no specific order at all, take a look through the HNHH editors' choices of 50 Beats That Will Never Get Old.