Last night, Meek Mill announced to the world that Drake's verse on their collaboration "R.I.C.O." was in fact written with the help of someone else. This isn't "news" per se, as Quentin Miller (the writer in question) appears in the song's credits, but Meek said he had only recently found out, or else he "woulda took it off my album."

Despite the sense of betrayal that Meek seems to feel about this, Drake's been doing this for years, enlisting guys like Kia Shine and Nickelus F (both of whom had much more knowing reactions to Meek's tweets) to write with/for him in the past. "R.I.C.O." isn't even the first time he's worked with Miller. 

But since Miller's been thrust into the spotlight in the wake of last night's Twitter crossfire, we figured we'd take the time to explain just who exactly he is to y'all. You may even get a new favorite song out of it!

Props to KanyeToThe for unearthing the Instagram pics you'll see throughout.