Although it doesn’t yet have a release date, Kid Cudi’s Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven seems like it could arrive any day now. Back on the Fourth of July, Cudder said the album was 98% done, and with the first single (“Confused”) dropping last week, we’re now officially in #CudderSeason. Details on the album are scarce thus far, but the Cleveland MC has said that it’ll be largely based around live instrumentation and won’t have any featured vocalists. Basically, all signs point towards an even more psychedelic, rock-influenced jaunt than last year’s Satellite Flight.

Cudi’s been dealing with potential alienation of his earliest supporters with every release that followed his 2009 debut, picking up electric guitars, almost entirely eliminating rapped bars from his music, and making “mass appeal” the last thing on his mind, so he’s already an old hat at this, but we do still have a wish list for his new tunes.