More so than any weekend since If You're Reading This It's Too Late dropped, the last few days have belonged to Drake. Between premiering his "Energy" video, debuting his and OVO's Beats 1 radio show, sharing three new features/remixes and hinting at his new album's release date, the 6 God had us on high alert all weekend. Whether or not Views From The 6 arrives on September 24th, as the OVO website seemed to suggest yesterday, it's been rumored to be a 2015 release ever since "0-100" dropped. 

Drizzy definitely played it a little safe on IYRTITL, sticking with his OVO stable of producers and collaborators for the most part, and keeping the sound consistent and free from any "Hold On, We're Going Home"-style aberrations. Although Nothing Was The Same was also pretty focused-sounding and free of big collabs, as far as major label rap albums go (and outside of its Jay Z feature), we're venturing a guess that VFT6 will be a bit more daring, what with a rumored Beyoncé collab and Drizzy ascending to a new level of stardom between releases. 

Here are five things we'd like to see on the album.