The drought is over in Cleveland.

The city itself hasn't had a championship team to call their own in 52 years, and the Cavaliers alone had waited 46 long seasons which is the entire existence of the franchise. 

But now that Cavs fans finally have the Larry O'Brien trophy in their grasp, we decided to look at some of the other unfortunate NBA organizations with monumental championship droughts looming over their heads.
And if there's one guy in the league that can put an end to a city's misery it's LeBron James. He is the only guy that you can put on any team in the league and instantly make them title contenders.
Yes, this was true even when the Cavs were down 3-1.
Of course, every franchise in the NBA wants LeBron but it's the 5 teams on this list that have waited longer than any of the others to hoist the NBA title, and desperately need the drought slayer to break their historic losing skids. 
Note: Sorry, Knicks fans. Although The Garden and the entire city is absolutely starving for an NBA title, there are actually five teams that have waited longer than New York's arduous 43 years.