When it comes to urban fashion — nothing quite captivates the hearts of buyers and wearers like sneakers. In terms of its impact on citified style, sneakers broadly became the crowning status symbol. Sneakers aka kicks, are by far the most sought-after fashion trend on the planet.

How come though? What is it about sneakers that make them so esteemed amongst the people? In essence, most of its popularity can be ascribed to the worldwide phenomenon known as Hip-Hop.

Really "kicks" became popular globally in 1986 due to the promotion of Adidas by rap group, Run DMC. From there, numerous hip hop stars spoke on records of the sneakers they like to sport (e.g. NikeAir Jordan 1's), and released photos, album covers and music videos donning those very same shoes. The relationship between sneaker brands and Hip-Hop would ultimately ignite a sub-culture, dubbed as the “Sneakerheads.” 

There are many sneakers that have enthralled sneakerheads over the years — Huarache's, the Penny Hardaway's, Air Force 1's, Reebok Pumps, pretty much any Air Max. Though, like any other product, there's an elite class that stands out on it's own and touches the people unlike anything else in it's realm.

The following 5 sneakers are just that . . . in a league by themselves. These are kicks that had the most impact on major metropolises—kicks that everyone and their momma ran out to buy! We present to you: 5 Sneakers That (Literally) Flipped The City Upside Down.