More surprising than the Toronto Raptors winning two games against the Cleveland Cavaliers is the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder have built up a commanding 3-1 series lead over the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

It's not as though we didn't think the Thunder could compete with, or even beat, the Warriors but the manner in which they've dismantled the defending champs thus far has been astonishing. 

In Games 3 and 4, OKC outscored the Splash Bros & co. by a combined 52 points and the reigning MVP has looked more like an unrecruited guard out of Davidson College than the immortal marksman we have come to know, love and celebrate on a nightly basis.

While Curry has received hardly any criticism for his poor play in the Conference Finals (can you imagine if LeBron was playing this bad?) there are plenty of critics who are quietly enjoying the throttling that OKC has put on GSW. 

They might not be parading around the streets of Oklahoma City if the Thunder advance to the NBA Finals tonight, but here are 5 guys who are secretly (some not so secretly) hoping that the Warriors lose game 5 tonight at Oracle Arena.