When Colin Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in March, he probably didn't consider that it could be his last chance to make an NFL paycheck. Sadly, that could be the case (that didn't keep him from winning the NFLPA Community MVP Week 1). 
Last season, Kaep's national anthem protest sparked outrage nationwide. In an attempt to draw attention to social injustice, Colin sat and then kneeled during the Star Spangled Banner before his games. 
With the third week of the NFL season kicking off tonight, Kaepernick is still unemployed. Given his career trajectory, he’s looking to find a backup QB role although he could start for some teams now. Many teams look to place veteran players alongside up-and-coming talent to mold their impressionable young careers. Kaepernick is now in the position to do that. His career average, of 178 pass yards and 33 rush yards per game, along with his nine fourth-quarter comebacks and just as many game-winning drives, in addition to the fact that he throws almost two and a half touchdowns for every one of his interceptions prove that if this were in fact a meritocracy, Colin would be employed and probably playing the majority of the snaps. 
Unfortunately for Colin, NFL owners feel the off-the-field attention that signing him would bring, outweighs the value he provides on the field. That argument does have some legs but they're scrawny, I-skipped-leg-day kinda legs. Kaepernick's biggest downfall is his QBR, a rating that includes the timeliness of mistakes and being clutch. On a scale of 1 - 100, Kapernick's QBR was 55 last year, and 47 the year before that. That's still not as bad as Ryan Fitzpatrick's 45.4 last year, though, but you better believe he's still earning a paycheck. 
Mediocre quarterbacks fill NFL locker rooms every year but, in a space that seems to be driven by talent, silence is also secretly heralded as well. With Colin defying that silence and using his platform as a professional athlete, HNHH decided to take a look at five teams that should be looking to sign Colin Kaepernick-- not for the reasons you might think.