#FreeBoosie may be the latest hash tag to be retired, but that doesn't mean he's been forgotten. Torrance Hatch, aka Boosie BadAzz, has capitalized greatly on the momentum of his prison release this past spring. The Baton Rouge native has been making moves faster than most, with his release of an assortment of remixes and singles. True fans or new fans, there’s no denying his appeal. The range and depth of his songs, from the self-evaluation of his sanity to his gutter gutter, “streetz is mine” proclamations, has amassed a strong following, now even stronger that he's free. One thing’s for sure, Boosie has come out fierce, pulling out all the stops to fully immerse himself in the hip-hop game once more.

Let's take a look at a few savage moves the heavy hitter has made over the past few months, as we await his upcoming album.