The San Francisco 49ers are erecting a statue of their most famous drive. You may be too young to recall the dynastic run of the 49ers teams spearheaded by Joe Montana's passing accuracy and a underappreciated defensive unit, all before you consider "Swag Jerry Rice, I think I'm Jerry Rice." The famous catch didn't involve the all-time best Wide Receiver, but the team's 2nd option slot back Dwight Clark.

"The Catch" in many ways represented the very beginning of San Francisco dynasty which saw the team pick up 4 titles under Montana's tutelage, and a 5th with Steve Young at the helm. The 83 yard drive 1981 NFC Championship vs. the Dallas is widely considered one of the greatest exploits in American Footballing history. Montana, his offensive line and his downfield targets were able to overcome a 3rd and 3 demarcation with 58 seconds left on the clock.

Dwight Clark who will make one half of the monument, died last year at 61 after a lengthy battle with ALS. Aside from erecting the statue to begin the season, the team plans to honor his contributions by adorning his #87 stickers on their helmets in 2018. Both the receiving arm and the throwing hand will make up 350 pounds of bronze material, and stand nearly eleven feet tall.