42 Dugg has been steadily increasing in recognition and popularity, thanks to some well-curated co-signs from fellow street rappers like Lil Baby and Yo Gotti, who together, make up his joint label partnership. The rapper even made it onto Jay-Z's personal playlist picks for 2020. But with recognition, comes detraction. 

TheYoung & Turnt artist was recently the topic of gossip when his ex-girlfriend apparently slandered him, criticizing the size of Dugg's butt. 42 Dugg retaliated, going off on her with a slew of his own insults. Unfortunately, the rapper has once again found himself at the center of a gossip-fueled trend, thanks to a video clip that's been circulating.

The video clip is reportedly from an IG Live session-- the date and time of which is unknown-- with Dugg, and it is the song that is playing in the background that caught the attention of his fans and haters alike (listen below). The lyrics in question sound like: "I was out here suckin’ d**k / I was tryna pay the rent." The result is that many across twitter have presumed Dugg to be gay, the lyrics a nod to his sexuality.

Dugg has since responded to clarify the lyrics, claiming he said: "HOES OUT HERE SUCKIN D**K… I WAS TRYNA PAY HER RENT." Despite this, fans don't seem to be convinced. 

Check out the video clip as well as numerous reactions, including Dugg's own, below.

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