On Tuesday, Say Cheese TV reported that an NYPD officer had been suspended without pay after riding on the back of a dirt bike at a party in Brooklyn due to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's attempt to stop people from riding illegal dirt bikes and four-wheelers in the city. Images of the police officer reportedly surfaced after a New York-based biker shared a post that thanked her for taking a "huge first step to bridging the gap" between "cops and bikers."

In light of the officer's suspension, many people have felt like her punishment was too aggressive, especially considering the light consequences that many police offers face after highly publicized shootings. Apparently, 42 Dugg also feels that the officer shouldn't have been suspended without pay because he has offered to financially support her for the next six months.


Underneath the original Say Cheese post, 42 Dugg came through to show his support and ask fans to connect him with the NYPD officer. "Can somebody send me who she is?" the Free Dem Boyz artist commented. "Tell her I got her bills for 6 months."

It has not yet been confirmed whether 42 Dugg was able to get in contact with the officer, but you can see a screenshot of his comment below. 

Screenshot Instagram 42 Dugg 9/22/2021

Stay tuned to see if 42 Dugg follows through on his offer to pay the suspended officer's bills.