Hip-hop is at an awkward crossroad right now where homophobia and self-expression are being called one in the same. However, the expression of unacceptance towards a group of people is not tolerable, especially in 2021. The rise of LGBTQ hip-hop artists and trendsetters has caused a knee-jerk reaction in some that exposed the historically homophobic attitudes in the culture. This weekend, 42 Dugg went on a homophobic rant after social media users made fun of him for kissing and licking his son's neck.

Now, 42 Dugg is apologizing. Progress is slow, but progress is progress. He took to social media to explain himself. 

"It never be my intentions to offend anybody even when I'm offended so for that I am sorry," he began.

"Usually I'm a very private person when it come to personal shit such as my son or my family in general. People always tell me I need to take more pictures or you know let my fans see something about me other than music. Yesterday I called myself doing that. My son birthday was the weekend so I decided I would let y'all see how much fun we had. You know the picture/videos I posted of my son wasn't put out for feedback. That was us being us. So for y'all to take that and make it what y'all did just reminded me of why I keep my family private. I will not be showing my son or any of my family on this shit again. Y'all lost that privilege. This is for me to promote my music and that's what I'm gone use it for. Nothing more nothing less."

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