It seems the Drake and 40 are finalizing the tracklist for the quickly approaching Scorpion album. 40, who has played a role in all of Drake's projects since So Far Gone, shared a throwback Instagram post that shows an early version of the Nothing Was The Same tracklist Friday. Along with the photo, he wrote, "New list soon."

While the big news comes in the caption, fans of Drake's 2013 album will be intrigued by seeing the tentative written tracklist to the project. It features a song called "Left Field," which either does not appear on the LP or has a different title. Meanwhile, "All Me" appears in the middle of the tracklist rather than at the tail end of the deluxe edition, and "From Time," appears as "Jhene," after Jhene Aiko, who featured on the song.

The post comes shortly after billboards advertising Drake's new album were spotted around his hometown of Toronto. One ad that featured the phrase, "Side A, Side B," sparked speculation that Scorpion could be a double album. While that's certainly possible, it should be noted that a proper double album would actually have 4 sides, but who's to say what a double album is in the streaming era anyway. Seeing that we're talking about the guy who sold us an album as a "playlist" just a year ago, anything is possible.