It's been a two year battle between 40 Glocc's attorneys and Minnesota prosecutors. In 2017, the California rapper was attending a funeral when he was shot twice. A month later, undercover officers reportedly arrested Glocc in a prostitution sting in connection with an unidentified woman. According to reports, a "client" contacted a woman they'd seen on the now-defunct The person was put in contact with male individuals who orchestrated the meet-up, and Glocc allegedly drove the woman to the location. Unbeknown to Glocc or the woman, the entire meeting a ruse by the police department.

After dropping the woman off, The Game's longtime foe reportedly tried to speed away but was later apprehended. He was arrested and charged with promoting the prostitution of an individual, engaging in the sex trafficking of an individual, and fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle. The case has dragged on for years, but according to TMZ, it will soon be over as the rapper has struck a plea deal with the prosecution.

The outlet reports that 40 Glocc has pleaded guilty to one felony count of promoting the prostitution of an individual. The plea deal won't get Glocc out of serving time but he will be able to lessen the blow as he's looking at anywhere between four to twelve months behind bars.