40 Glocc and The Game are what you might refer to as "mortal enemies." After finding themselves embroiled in an extensive feud, the pair eventually came to blows in 2012, which found 40 on the receiving end of some Game hands. In fact, 40 actually sued The Game for a reported $4.5 million, which, to no one's surprise, was not awarded - he got $3000. Though we've seen hip-hop beef evolve into cordial relationships, as evidenced by Nas and Jay-Z or more recently, Drake and Meek Mill, 40 Glocc and The Game possess a uniquely undying animosity. It would appear that 40 has once again sent shots in Game's direction, and this time, he's involved notable west coast OG Wack 100, who also happens to be Games manager.

40 Glocc recently took to Instagram to air out both Game and Wack 100, providing alleged "voice recordings" in which talks down on The Game, all while keeping a generally disrespectful energy. 40 shared a lengthy IG caption, seeming to steer the narrative into his favored direction. "Told u n***z @wack100 be always saying that GAYME a bitch & ain't got no time in these streets," writes 40 Glocc. "Nothing new to my ears."

He continues along those lines, making sure to throw in a few threats for good measure:

"Both of Them n***z is 100% hoez & @wack 100% got diarrhea💩 at the mouth that Busta ass n***a talk too much!"& not catching no fade or shooting no shots.. them n***z hire security & police for protection & only attend events where police at.. JUST WAIT PATIENTLY & CATCH HIS ASS ONE DAY AT WALMART OR SOMEWHERE SHOPPING RUN UP & BEAT HIS BITCH AZZ.. UP.."

It seems as if some feuds are simply too deep-rooted to ever truly die. Peep the full post below.