The search continues for 19-year-old Saniyya Dennis, the SUNY Buffalo State College student who went missing over a week ago. Surveillance footage at the college showed the teen inside of an elevator as she was leaving campus. Her father, battle rapper and Dipset affiliate 40 Cal has been pleading for the public to help spread awareness about his daughter's missing person case. According to 40 Cal, real name Calvin Byrd, authorities have been dragging their feet in search efforts and he, along with his friends and family, have stormed Buffalo streets passing out flyers and knocking on doors.

It's reported that Saniyya was tracked to a bus where she reportedly got off in Niagra Falls. What happened to the college student after deboarding the bus remains a mystery.

"Our one and only goal in this investigation is to locate Saniyya and reconnect her with her family," University Police Chief Peter Carey said in a statement. "Understandably, emotions are high right now, but I want to be clear that our department will not rest until Saniyya is found... I understand the desire for new details about this case is high, but to ensure the integrity of this multi-agency investigation, we are limited in our ability to share further information at this time," Carey said.

40 Cal sat down with BNC News to talk about his daughter and her case. "I'm really frustrated and upset about how this case is being handled," said the rapper. He explained that his daughter is an honor roll student who has a full scholarship to Buffalo State. Other relatives have described Saniyya as a responsible person who isn't prone to wandering off without warning.

The rapper added the case was given to university police and claimed "they fumbled" because they weren't equipped to handle a situation such as this. Cal claims that in the video that shows Saniyya in the elevator, she gets in with a man. After waiting days for the footage, Cal asked the police who the man was. He claims they hadn't even begun investigating the unknown person.

Watch the exasperated father share his story below.