If you don't know who ZaZa is yet, then I'm very sorry to hear that. As the bio of her Instagram account - which is approaching one million followers - declares, ZaZa is a 4-year-old entertainer and she may just be the most entertaining thing the app has to offer. All these people fell in love with her after the many videos her parents have shared of her living her sassy, dance-y life. Her outfits are impeccable, her moves are always on beat, and her mannerisms resemble those of a full-fledged adult. Unsurprisingly, Ellen Degeneres has already snagged her for an appearance on her show. 

After dropping her first original song (which slaps) titled, "What I Do?" at the end of August, Big Boy had to get the viral sensation to come by The Neighbourhood. In the fifteen minute interview, ZaZa is more articulate, animated and confident than most guests you hear on a radio show. When Big Boy asks her if she likes being on social media, she firmly states, "Yes, I do. I like to do this move," and then proceeds to Milly Rock. The rest of the video is just as hilarious and adorable, and a great way to introduce yourself to her charm that compelled both Smino and Wiz Khalifa to bring her on stage with them.