When it comes to marijuana advocates in sports, the first person that probably comes to mind is former Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams. And while Ricky remains one of the most influential athletes in the wide world of marijuana, he is far from the only athlete who endorses it.

Several athletes, past and present, have spoken about the positives that come from cannabis and some have lobbied to lighten the punishment, or get rid of the ban altogether, in their respective sports. Former NBA player Al Harrington, who is among the athletes speaking out in support of pot, estimates that as many as 70% of athletes in major sports smoke weed. Recently retired NFL tight end Martellus Bennett told a Bleacher Report podcast earlier this month that he believes 89% of football players partake.

It's clear that there are a large number of athletes who endorse weed, whether it's as an alternative to pain killers or simply as a way to unwind, despite the fact that players run the risk of being suspended. As states across the country begin to legalize its use, athletes are playing a role in raising awareness of the positive qualities the cannabis plant.

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