Often time, being in the rap game and doing prison time goes hand-in-hand, something which we documented on another recent list, 15 Rappers Who Did Jail Time. That's not to say this is the case for all the hip-hop artists out there: there are some rappers who don't have so much as a spot on their record, while there are others who have simply managed to avoid jail time altogether thanks to a high-paying lawyer. 

Still, there is plenty of evidence on the world wide web which documents rapper run-ins with the cops, the main one being mugshots. Even if the rapper hired a kick-ass lawyer who got the artist off on whatever the charges may have been, chances are that a mugshot was still taken.

Some of these mugshots are epic, others are pretty mediocre. We've got a range of generations covered here, from Tupac Shakur and Left Eye, to Chief Keef and Fredo Santana (who gives a death stare that may or may not penetrate your soul). 

Scroll through the photos in the gallery above.