Many rap fans have theorized how 2Pac's legacy would look had he not been killed on September 13th, 1996. How deep would his discography be? Which legendary emcees would he have collaborated with? What would his thoughts on the current rap landscape be? The questions are endless, and sadly, unanswerable. Today, however, TMZ has shared a conversation with Pac's stepbrother Mopreme Shakur, who shared his own perspective on how 2Pac would react to the recent Grammy Awards. 

2Pac Shakur

Tim Mosenfelder/ImageDirect/Getty Images.

As TMZ reports, Mopreme believes that Pac would have many thoughts and criticisms to level against The Grammy Awards, going so far as to suggest that Pac would be vocally "fighting tooth and nail" to instill change in the long-running institution. He also echoes the belief that many Grammy voters are simply uninformed about all the nominees, and therefore incapable of making sound and fair decisions -- TMZ notes that he believes 2Pac would have felt the same way.

The report also reveals Mopreme's suggestion that Pac would not only criticize The Grammy Awards and the Recording Academy, but actively fight and apply pressure to facilitate the desired changes. Mopreme also indicates that Pac would have wanted the Grammys to shy away from the safe mainstream options, instead shining a light on the up-and-comers putting out quality work -- he proceeds to use Samm Henshaw as an example, arguing that Pac would have tirelessly fought for the underdogs of the rap game.

It should be noted that 2Pac Shakur, easily one of the most revered figures in the entire rap game, died without ever winning a Grammy. He was nominated for Best Rap Album in 1996 and 1997, though he ultimately lost to Naughty By Nature and The Fugees, respectively. In 2000, "Changes" lost the Best Rap Solo Performance award to Eminem's breakout single "My Name Is."