Just when you thought Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour was coming to a close and we could finally let the legend of the Black Mamba ride (slither?) off into the sunset, the NBA 2K had to go and pull a nostalgia move on us. Timing the announcement perfectly with #MambaDay, the video game company has revealed at least one of the covers for this year’s upcoming NBA 2K17. On the front? Kobe Bryant.

Officially dubbed the NBA 2K17 Legend Edition, the cover shows Kobe during a few different moments in his career. Purchasers won’t just be getting special packaging though. Pre-orders of the game will include a limited edition Kobe Bryant poster, a Black Mamba controller skin, two Panini Kobe Bryant trading cards, and a slew of in-game add-ons like player apparel, digital currency, and more.

The NBA 2K17 Legend Edition on Xbox One and the PS4 is currently available for pre-order for $80. No release date has been set for the game, but they usually come out just before the next NBA season (September or October). It’s still a mystery who is going to cover the standard edition of the game, but if it isn’t Stephen Curry we’d be amazed.