The real 2Chainz came on social media to clear the air. This week, a few peculiar tweets were posted from his account. The lewd content was obviously out of character for the rapper. Most fans caught on to the fact that his Twitter account had likely been hacked. Still, the rapper felt inclined to give his confirmation. Tity Boi posted a video from his Instagram account to address the issue.

“So to let you know, I don’t be paying no attention to you f*cks. I guess somebody hijacked or whatever. I didn’t know you still did that, take people’s social media stuff and act like those people and say lame d*ck sh*t. I want to say so many things right now but I don’t want to offend this sensitive society. So, I’m just gonna let that be that. I’m sure by now you guys know what I will say, do and condone and what I won’t say, do or condone. As far as you people who have nothing else to do with your time, that sh*t don’t bother me at all. Hack it again. Like Snoop say, you funky dog head b*tch you.”

The tweets have since been deleted.