On the latest episode of Most Expensivest, 2 Chainz and Wale link up with a matchmaker to learn how she helps her wealthy clients find love. Watch a clip after the jump.

When the matchmaker describes how she links her clients together, sometimes casting her net beyond her current members, 2 Chainz exclaims in faux-outrage, " Now you a madam, hold on." Then she justifies her hustle by comparing it to being "like a headhunter." Wale calls out the use of the term "madam" for the "pimpin" element implied in it, but Chainz gave zero f*cks. 

Later, Wale leaves the female viewers with an elevator pitch for the matchmaking service:

"You don't need to put your booking info on your page no more. You don't gotta go on Tinder no more. You just call up shorty. She got the broth-el. [...] she great."

Then again, he wouldn't use the service for himself: "I'm more into divine intervention then realizing I'm incapable of love. That's my thing."

2 Chainz has his own thoughts about the service, aiming a suggestion at the viewers who might be on the lookout:

"If you ugly and got low self esteem, you better get you some money. There ain't no ugly billionaires. Billionaires is cute [...] Get yourself some money and for the low price of half a million dollars, you too can buy yourself a wife."