A couple of Instagram posts have the internet speculating the possibility of a Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill break-up. While it's hard to make a call as to whether or not this should be taken as a publicity stunt, a simple couple fight, or an actual end to the relationship, it's fitting that it's happening on Instagram, a platform that the two have always used as a couple, whether it be flexing, cuddling, or straight up PDA.

Check out some of the most memorable posts of the two from Nicki Minaj's Instagram below. Is this really the end of these type of posts, or will the two be right back at it in a few days?

The most recent post, featuring some true PDA

Meek giving Nicki's feet some serious attention

Fits are on point

More fits

Courtside dabbin'

"All Eyes On You" at the American Music Awards

Countin' that tour money for GQ

Stuntin' in Dubai

The mandatory mean mug

The backstage flex

Couples dirt-biking a must in Philly

Selfie game strong

More mean mugging

Pinkprint tour 

Late night ATV riding


Meek letting Nicki rock his DC chain

Bringing in the crowds

"All Eyes On You" shoot

BET Awards Red Carpet

Jet Life

Power couple audition

Meek getting romantic

Jealousy levels rising

Makin' it official