It’s too soon to say which hip-hop albums made 2017 and how this year fits into the genre's larger narrative. So far we only have the threads— the albums, mixtapes, and songs— that make it all up. 

This year has so far delivered: DAMN., with all its fury and piety; a revitalized Jay Z doing penance on 4:44; the subtle, cerebral art of Vince StaplesBig Fish Theory; SZA capturing 20-something love and uncertainty on CTRL; Soundcloud kids finally out of detention, here to stay; Syd shining on her own with Fin; Drake cherry picking sounds from across the world and introducing the “playlist” album by way of More Life; Joey Bada$$ in full political mode on All Amerikkkan Badass; Tyler becoming Flower Boy; A$AP Mob refocused under Rocky’s leadership; Cardi B’s meteoric rise; and so much more. Just today, we received a few new albums which thusly didn't make the cut for this list (but otherwise would have been sure-fire contenders), from the likes of Gucci Mane (Mr. Davis)dvsn (Morning After), and Wu-Tang Clan (The Saga Continues).

But we’re not done. As the year closes out, there are plenty more projects slated for release. So we’ve prepared a list of artists who have more music coming, some with set dates and some that have strongly encouraged us to believe that they will indeed deliver a new body of work this fall or winter, as we lead up to 2018. Of course, given how popular the surprise drop has become, it's only best that we prepare and get ready for some unexpected ones to come out of the woodwork and close out the year-- ones we haven't even seen coming.

From the young and polarizing, to established greats, here are some of the projects that we're looking forward to the most, as of right now (when else!). Who knows, given artists' penchants for delays too, we may have to wait for some of these come 2018 too.

Until then...and in no particular order...