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24hrs and Blackbear Team Up For "Regina George"

24hrs - Regina George Feat. Blackbear

  Jan 01, 2018 03:50
The Beartrap and Private Club unite.

Both 24hrs and blackbear have dominated their respective niches in the SoundCloud game, finding themselves among the young voices who are slowly, but surely bleeding into the mainstream by way of the streaming platform.

Twenty is no stranger to the realm of collaborations, and now, he and blackbear have linked up for their latest "Regina George" offering, a cut that leans toward blackbear's more upbeat and pop-tinged sound as opposed to the darker backdrops that 24hrs has graced in the past.

Most recently, blackbear dropped off his cybersex project, an effort that featured a stacked lineup of features from names such as Cam'Ron, Tinashe, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross. As far as 24hrs is concerned, he dropped off his DJ Drama-hosted 12AM In Atlanta mixtape back in September. Currently, we're awaitng a full-length collab in the form of 24bears from the two artits, on which "Regina George" is slated to appear.

Quotable Lyrics:

Get you out your bag and say it's all mine
I hit that pussy like it's dinner time
This that new McQueen, this is not your dream
You should've never been a bitch to me


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top comment
- Jan 1, 2018

"Artits" lmao fix your shit HNHH you slackin'

- Jan 6, 2018


Playboy X
- Jan 2, 2018

this actually dope tbh

- Jan 1, 2018

blackbear killed this

- Jan 1, 2018

Blackbear rides his own wave by himself

- Jan 1, 2018

"Artits" lmao fix your shit HNHH you slackin'

3 hunna
- Jan 1, 2018

oh wowww a typo who gives a fuck you dork

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