Last year, 22 Savage showed up out of nowhere and blasted at 21 Savage, biting his looks and his name, basically making a mockery of the up-and-coming phenom. This year, the Atlanta upstart might get a taste of his own medicine though. A YouTuber known as TheDissRapper adopted the moniker 23 Savage and released "Ain't No 22," a diss track taking aim at 22. 

The video for the song, biting 22 Savage's own hit, already has close to a million views on YouTube. 23 Savage spits on the same beat grabbing onto a semi-automatic pistol, saying "you think he got acne way his face is full of red dots." He goes on to insult the copycat artist throughout the short video while a friend makes gang signs. 

The other two Savages have yet to respond to the appearance of this latest clone. How long do you think we'll have to wait to hear from 24 Savage?