As of now, 21 Savage's legal situation remains in the air. While the rapper recently confirmed that he was born in the U.K, fans and artists alike have accepted him as a part of Atlanta. Of course, that hasn't stopped many from clowning on the rapper's overseas origins, including prominent celebrities like Demi Lovato and Chris Brown. Though meme-sling at your own risk, lest Offset come-a-knocking. In any case, 21 Savage's link to the United Kingdom has been one of the zanier stories in recent memory, and while the outcome may be tragic, there might very well be some silver lining to the debacle.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

New research from the subreddit "/r/dataisbeautiful" has indicated that 21 has already undergone a considerable boost in UK streaming numbers. Apparently, the 24 hour period following his arrest brought a 127 percent increase, with songs like “A Lot,” “Monster,” and “Bank Account” all sliding into the UK top 200 charts. The Redditors also pointed out that Savage's daily plays jumped from 72,000 pre-arrest to 191,000 post-arrest. Perhaps it's a sign that overseas markets are willing to welcome 21 into the fold, should he have to return to his birthplace for an indefinite period. 

Despite the renewed sense of 21-a-palooza, the rapper's fate still remains a question mark. Therefore, until the day this gets sorted out, it's still Free 21 Savage