The rap game often plays out like a piece of surreal fiction, with plot twists worthy of the finest daytime soap. Case in point, the latest story surrounding 21 Savage's arrest. It's already been well documented that Savage was taken into ICE custody, where his origin story was revealed. It has been said that the rapper was not, in fact, born in Atlanta, but rather the United Kingdom. Upon arriving to the United States as a teenager, 21 proceeded to wait out his Visa, and currently faces the possibility of deportation. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Image

Now, many have been attempting to pick up the pieces. After all, 21 Savage has built himself into a budding superstar. More importantly, his Atlanta localism helped establish him as a pillar of the community. The notion that he is, in fact, British has left fans reeling. As is the internet way, many took solace in gallows humor. Yet ICE has taken a harsher stance. CNN's Nick Valencia took to Twitter to highlight his dealings with ICE, who claim that 21's entire public persona is simply "FALSE."

It's difficult to process, as the truth has a tendency to bend. Assuming that 21's entire origin story was created on a foundation of lies is unwise, at least until further details surface. In the meantime, ICE seems content to stoke the narrative depicting 21 as an expatriate until proven otherwise, even if it means assassinating his character. Stay tuned for more news on this increasingly bizarre development.