TMZ did a little digging in the story they broke: 21 Savage's ICE arrest. Apparently, even if 21's civil status remains in flux, authorities, ICE-included, have no jurisdiction over the rapper's assets. The only way ICE can freeze someone's assets whose status remains in limbo is if the "detained person" has committed an outlying crime - that is to say a crime unrelated to their immigration charges.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

TMZ speculates that 21 Savage might be worth nearly $4million dollars after taxes, while various other outlets have the figure closer to $21 million, how ironic.. As you know, 21 Savage was arrested last Sunday, and subsequently accused of not seeking the right legal tender to avoid deportation. Apparently, 21 Savage whose parents are from Dominica, was born in the UK before he emigrated to Atlanta, Georgia as a teenager.

For all the reasons to fear the worst, the standard ICE-hearing leads to a bond ruling and a second deportation hearing on a later date in cases similar to 21 Savage. Hypothetically-speaking, 21 would have to be a flight risk or threat to his community for Government officials to receive the green light on his deportation - with immediate effect. His lawyer maintains that he tried in vain to apply for a VISA in 2017, but was rebuffed at the height of Donald Trump's xenophobic meltdown.