21 Savage is facing the possibility of deportation after he was arrested by United States Immigration And Customs Enforcement in Atlanta yesterday. ICE's spokesperson revealed that 21 is actually a citizen of the U.K. which puzzled many due to his strong ties to Atlanta. His management, friends, family, and fans have rallied together to show their support for the rapper. His mother recently took to Instagram to issue her own statement on his arrest.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

21 Savage's mother opened up about the rapper's arrest in her Instagram Story. She didn't share any details pertaining to his case but she did call for his freedom while sharing her disappointment in people who've been cracking jokes and sharing memes about the situation.

"It's a damn shame when we live in a world where people thrive off and feed negative energy.. laugh at others who are going through real life challenges, fighting for their lives & freedom... sick of it! However in the end people will see! This too shall come to pass[.] Free 21 Savage," she wrote.

Both of 21 Savage's parents have been under a microscope by the Internet after the rapper's arrest. Earlier today, footage of his mother speaking in a British accent emerged which further proved ICE's claim that he's a native of the U.K. Shortly after the video surfaced, his alleged birth certificate emerged which confirmed that he was born in London and lived there until he was 12-years-old before moving to Atlanta.