During last night's Grammy Awards, Post Malone performed "Rockstar" without 21 Savage, who was forced to cancel his attendance due to his immigration issues. He decided to skip the Brit's verse in its entirety and avoid expressing support while onstage, which upset many fans because of the apparent lack of solidarity for the entertainer held in ICE's custody. According to 21 Savage's management, efforts were made to bring meaningful recognition to the performance. Based on the broadcast, the measures they explored failed to materialize.

Prince Williams/WireImage

"We reached out to several artists to perform Savage’s verse and/or stand in solidarity on stage on his behalf," Kei Henderson wrote via Twitter. "Someone from Epic sent me the photo of Post wearing the Savage tee before he performed. I appreciate the notion. Lord knows me, Meezy and our team attempted to solidify recognition for Savage during the performance of 'Rockstar,' it just didn’t work out that way."

Some publications assumed this statement entailed the mentioned artists rejection of the opportunity. Based on Kei's latest Tweet, the idea was shut down by another source. Post Malone's camp may have been the ones to shut it down but the decision to halt has yet to be officially attributed to any party.