It seems that 22 Savage has finally gotten under the skin of 21 Savage's camp. After months of the Baton Rouge rapper eating off of his Atlanta counterpart's success, 21 Savage's crew have finally broken their relative silence, taking to Instagram to air out grievances. A few days ago, 21 Gang Chevy posted a photo on Instagram of 22 Savage's IG page with tombstones superimposed on each photo. He captioned the photo with "Fuck nigga know how we coming."

21 Savage-affiliate No Plug escalated the conflict, commenting “Fuck nigga we in [Baton Rouge] when the tour end shooting videos in his hood pull up.” You may remember No Plug as the rapper implicated in the murder of Bankroll Fresh.

In retaliation, 22 Savage commented, “Ian hiding. Bout it. Pull up then.”

Fuck nigga know how we coming πŸ—‘πŸ”ΊπŸ”ŒπŸ’œ

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21 Savage was clearly following this conflict unfold, as he posted several videos of himself mocking 22 Savage and their supposed beef. This is the gist of what he said:

“Shout out to all my real niggas in Baton Rouge. I know y’all didn’t raise a nigga to dick ride another nigga to get on ... How you gone beef with a nigga you want to be like? Sucka ... I can’t beef with my child. You my son, bruh."

#21Savage responds to #22Savage.

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should #21Savage kept ignoring #22Savage?? & act like he didn't exist? πŸ€”

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#21Savage to #22Savage "You're My Son"

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Do you think 21 Savage is actually gonna run up on 22? Or is this a promotional gimmick? Can we expect a joint mixtape from the two in the near future? Anything is possible.