The thirst is real for lovebirds 21 Savage and Amber Rose. Amber posted a TBT photo of her 14 year old self on Instagram. In the photo she is rocking a floral blouse bearing midriff, and a beehive haircut reminiscent of the sixties. The caption reads: Young Amb ☺️ 14 years old, removing any doubt as to who, what, where and how.

21 Savage's response kind of steals the show. Other users commented on the air of innocence in the photo, whereas 21 took it far left, comparing Amber to an oven ready Lil Caesar's Pizza. If you need a minute to unpack that one, by all means, take your time with it. Even though Amber is below the age of consent in this photo, it appears that love knows no bounds, even the old family album gets wrapt by desire. Whether Amber was innocent to begin with is kind of contingent on who you ask. But what concern is it to you? Let's roll it back to the care free days when the milk carton had a sketch pad on the liner side.

image via Amber Rose on Instagram