Known as one of the world's favorite trappers, 21 Savage has shown his business insight over the last few weeks, attempting to influence the youth to spend their money wisely. The ATL musician disavowed jewelry, saying that he prefers to put his money towards real estate and cryptocurrency investments. Aside from the occasional splurge at the Gucci store, 21 is showing that he has the wits to stay rich for a while, even as he continues to make music and rake in the benefits of being one of the top rappers worldwide. 

Today's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show features 21 Savage, who performed a few tracks for the crowd. Based on Ellen's regular audience and 21's lyrical content, we can safely assume that the crowd was terrified of 21 Savage by the end of the episode. Having made a seamless transition from rapping about murder to modern-day celebrity coupled with Amber Rose, 21 continued to demonstrate ways to contribute your wealth that are superior to diamonds and gold: charity. 21 Savage stayed true to his name, presenting a check worth $21,000 to Get Schooled, a non-profit organization designed to inspire young people to attend higher education institutes. 

The evolution of 21 Savage has been fascinating, as he continues to do good in the world, encouraging kids to make a positive difference in the world and teaching them that with wealth, comes responsibility. You can watch 21 on Ellen, being the good dude that he is.