When you don't got the coin, you need to resort to flexing on a budget. What do you do when you can't necessarily afford the bust-down Cartier glasses? When you don't got the dough for a shiny chain with an extravagant pendant? You either end up dealing in some shady business or you head to the nearest flea market or thrift shop to score some cheap goods. 21 Savage recently started to sway away from jewelry but his eyesight still requires a little bit of a boost and, these days, he prefers to see life through Cartier lenses. Back when he was a youngster though, he was rocking that flea market drip.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Sharing a goofy throwback selfie from when he was a young boy, 21 Savage got a little relatable in his new upload. Throwing up hand signs and flexing his gold teeth, the Atlanta-based rapper had a good laugh at his former self. "My first pair of Cartier's came out Glenwood flea market times was hard," he wrote as his caption.

These days, you'll rarely see 21 Savage in some expensive drip. He's still donning that Saint Laurent and other designer brands but when it comes to jewelry, he would rather spend his hard-earned money on re-investing. Still, peep the Cartiers.