21 Savage has always made clear that he's not here for the bullshit. He's about getting the bag, taking care of his family and giving back to his community. While the Atlanta rapper's Instagram stories are often filled with him gleefully singing along to throwback R&B jams, sometimes he uses them as a platform to make some public service announcements. 

The most recent epiphany that Savage felt the need to share via message written over a black screen is, "I never understood how people sit around - matter fact, men sit around - and talk about other me with lint in they pockets." It's a take that really makes you sit down and think and, once you do, you realize that Savage is pretty spot on. Not only is he taking a shot at people wearing poor fabrics, but he's pointing out that these pockets are guapless. Moral of the story, it seems, is that one should be concerned with taking care of himself before being concerned (or hating on) how others live their lives. It's an age-old adage that still holds and is a hell of a lot funnier when framed in Savage's words. 

As Savage recently declared, Hot Girl Summer is over and Fuckboy Fall is upon us. The best way to ring in the new season is to mind your business.