Since he dropped Without Warning back in October, 21 Savage has been relatively quiet. During the summer of 17', the Atlanta rapper was all over the headlines, largely due to his publicized relationship with Amber Rose and their antics. Nowadays, it seems like the couple are taking a bit of a rest from the spotlight, but that hasn't stopped 21 from establishing himself as a dominant artist; it feels as if he's among the most sought after acts in hip-hop, appearing on singles with Cardi B, Migos, Post Malone, and more. And while the hard-edged rapper is notorious for his cold persona, it's easy to forget that he isn't above a little bit of trolling from time to time.

The Issa Album rapper recently posted a video in which he was showcasing a new haircut, which found his signature braids all but gone. "Fresh haircut, I feel like a new man, man," says Savage, with a seemingly close shave. "Yeah man, gang shit." The change was immediately met with confusion from fans, who seemed to feel as if it softened his image. Some even speculated that Amber Rose had something to do with it; it was all too easy to picture her sitting Savage down and cutting the hair herself. 

However, the ruse was short lived. 21 later posted up another picture, revealing that he was ultimately trolling, and his signature locks remained in tact. Some are already calling it the biggest plot twist since Keyser Söze's true identity.