21 Savage is generally not a very smiley man. He goes through his day taking no nonsense from anybody in his path. Growing up, he saw a lot of things that have altered the way he behaves today, carrying a gun around with him pretty much everywhere he goes. He details his evolution in i am > i was, touching on so many of the things that built him up to become the Savage he is today. With his name all over the news after being released by ICE this week, 21 Savage has officially made his return home, also posting a photo of himself to Instagram for the first time since being detained. 

The Atlanta-raised rapper posted a picture of himself relaxing at home in his designer fit, showing off his teeth for the camera. We don't see 21 Savage smile a lot with his teeth so you can tell this is a special occasion. Obviously, the young artist is happy to be at home with his family after being so stressed about the possibility of getting deported. 

There is still a very real chance that Savage gets deported back to the United Kingdom because of Trump's immigration laws. However, his visa is currently being processed and he hopefully gets a pass for the time being.